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Moving Process

Moving is not just about Moving Day. Granted, it is the climax of every moving process - however, there are additional significant events leading up to the Big Day, and continuing well after the move is over, as you begin adjusting to your new location and, at times, your new life.

Your New York moving company not only gives you helpful tips about the moving process, but it can also make sure it goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

What is the moving process comprised of?

Finding you NYC moving company

To begin with, you should find a professional and reliable moving company. Ask the potential candidates to conduct an on-site survey of the items you wish to ship. Among other factors, your choice of mover is likely to be determined by the cost estimate provided by each of the movers.

Preparing an inventory

Once you know precisely which items are intended for shipment and which items you plan to leave behind, you can prepare a detailed inventory. It is highly recommended that you clearly specify the condition of each of the items to be shipped. This will come in handy if any of your belongings are damaged or lost in transit, and you decide to file a claim with your mover.

Moving Tip

Although movers prepare inventory lists, they are not always comprehensive, focusing mainly on large items and appliances. It is therefore highly imperative that you compile your own detailed inventory.

Take the time to learn about your consumer rights. Ask your mover to provide you with the appropriate explanatory booklets. The New York State Department of Transportation's "Summary of Information for Shippers of Household Goods" specifies your rights if you're moving within New York, whereas the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) booklet "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move" tells you all you should know if you're moving out of new york city.

Protect your belongings: Liability & insurance

To protect your goods, determine the extent of your mover's liability coverage. If you're transporting particularly valuable items, and you feel your mover's liability does not suffice, it may be advisable to purchase additional insurance.

Service provided by your mover

Other matters to discuss with your moving company prior to the move itself are your choice of moving services and cargo transportation modes: determine whether you prefer the self-service, full-service or truck rental options, and decide whether you wish to move your cargo via land, sea or air. Do you require storage services? Ask your mover to present all possible storage options.

Packing before the move

If you've decided to do your own packing, use the weeks preceding the move to stock up on moving boxes and supplies. Begin the actual packing about two or three weeks prior to the scheduled move. If you're a novice to moving, ask your moving company representative for helpful packing tips.

Bureaucratic arrangements

Before leaving your home, make sure you notify all the relevant authorities of your upcoming departure. At the same time, plan ahead for your relocation by officially changing your address and by taking care of other bureaucratic arrangements at your new location.

Last things to remember on moving day

When the Big Day arrives, you should be thoroughly prepared and set to go. Remember that before your goods are loaded onto the truck, you and your mover must sign the bill of lading and the attached inventory.

Delivering your shipment

Your shipment arrives at the required destination – be it your new home or a storage facility – on the date agreed upon with your mover and specified in the contract. Services provided by your moving company upon arrival of your shipment, such as unloading and unpacking, should be clearly stipulated in advance and charged accordingly.

True, the moving process is long and intricate, and abounds in small details. Yet you shouldn’t be deterred by it. It is much simpler to handle if you follow an organized moving guide and a detailed checklist.

Ask your moving company for informative tips which can help facilitate the moving process.

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